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The AnteAGE MD® Stem Cell Aftercare Kit contains four products specially designed to reduce redness and enhance the recovery process immediately following Laser, RF, and Microneedling treatments,
giving patients optimal results.


AnteAGE MD® Growth Factor Solution contains growth factors which replicate our body’s natural stem cell biosignals, enhancing skin response to aesthetic treatments. Encapsulated in nano-lipid-carriers and combined with non-crosslinked high molecular weight hyaluronic acid,this solution will put your treatment outcomes into a new category.

The AnteAGE® Hyaluronic Acid is designed to be used as an adjunct topical to microneedling, microchanneling and/or all other advanced modalities where glide and slip are required. This formula contains a high percentage of High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid.

Due to the clean nature of the formulation utilizing only native human molecules, this glide is especially suitable to protect and soothe “open skin” and provides rapid hydration to compromised tissue.

AnteAGE MD® Serum restores skin’s ability to recharge itself.
This aqueous formula quickly absorbs into your skin with a high concentration of physiologically balanced cytokines (derived from human bone marrow stem cells) fortified with two recombinant Growth Factors, TGF-β3 and IGF-1.

The AnteAGE MD® Accelerator is a performance-driven formula rich in moisturizers and revitalizing actives. Beta-defensin 3, Bakuchiol, and Vitamin C work to optimize skin tone and texture while a host
of additional actives nourish and protect the skin.


AnteAGE MD® Stem Cell Aftercare Kit

AnteAGE MD® Stem GF Solution (2ml) AnteaGE Hyaluronic Acid (5ml) AnteAGE MD ® Serum (5ml)
AnteAGE MD® Accelerator (5ml)


    Day 1 Treatment

    • Follow device treatment protocol as usual.
    • Immediately after treatment apply AnteAGE MD® Growth Factor Solution liberally to treated area.

    Use the entirety of the vial.
    • Apply AnteAGE® Hyaluronic Acid as needed throughout day.

    Day 2-5 (Morning and Evening)

    • Cleanse skin using gentle cleanser, pat dry.
    • Apply a thin layer of AnteAGE MD® Serum over the treatment area. • Follow with a thin layer of AnteAGE MD® Accelerator.

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